5 Things Your Five-A-Side Team Needs This Season

Football fans rejoice, we’re so close to the next season!

Whilst we all wait patiently (or not-so-patiently) for the Premier League to kick off here on August 11th, those of us who are are looking forward to star in our own football success stories should be looking to reconnecting with our team mates and thinking about what can be done to get the edge over our competitors this season.

Although many people see five-a-side football as simply ‘a laugh’ or just a good chance to get some exercise, there are some of us who take it very seriously indeed.

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting the posting of this season’s fixtures, here’s a few ideas that might well give you the advantage needed to go all the way this year:

‘Brand new’ team kit

You’d be surprised how much difference a change of kit can make! If you’re fed up having to throw on bibs, or maybe the cotton shirts with the ‘Just Eat’ sponsorship on the front are starting to get a bit ratty, consider investing a bit more cash in something more professional looking. Having a brand spanking new set of kit will not only put the fear in your opposition but it’ll also give your guys a bit of a morale boost too.

If you’re worried about spending too much cash then don’t be afraid of exploring some alternative routes. You can find good quality discount sportswear online at the right places; you’ll need to buy in bulk, but that won’t be too much of an issue for you.

Think tactically not personally

Five-a-side football is as much about tactical thinking as it is about fitness and technique. Although some teams might be happy to simply pong the ball back and forth for forty minutes, if you invest just a small amount of time into developing a few basic tactics you’ll soon see your performances improve across the board. Often, the key to a tactically sound five-a-side team is simply where to place your men.

Gav might think that he’s a got a killer right foot, but the reality might be a little further from his imagination. Don’t let the stronger personalities in your squad unbalance your team, make sure that players are playing in the right positions and the rest will come – take some advice from a man who knows a thing or two about managing…

Practice together

Practice really does make perfect. Although some casual teams might not like the idea of putting the extra time in, every hour you spend training will help you tenfold when it comes down to match day. Whether it’s booking an astro, or simply finding a park to have knock about in, you’ll reap the dividends when you come across sides who haven’t done the same.

Try finding a day in the week which is suitable for everyone and organise a couple of pints down your local after, as a bit of an incentive. The more time you spend together, the tighter your team will become.

Fitness is paramount

You might only be playing for forty minutes in total, but you need to be in pretty good shape to make the most of that time. The best teams will be made up of players who work on their fitness off the pitch. Don’t think that going for a couple of jogs a week is going to help you. In order for you to succeed in five-a-side you need to be able to deal with prolonged stints of anaerobic exercise – that means getting out of breath once in a while.

Interval training can really help prepare your body to work hard with less oxygen. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple sprint, jog, walk cycle for a few hours each week will make you far more effective when it comes to match day.

Make your team social

If you’re not pals, you’re not going to play well together. It may well be the case that Premier League players can score goals whilst maintaining the most frigid of relationships with each other, but that’s not going to work for you on a five-a-side pitch – after all, there’s a reason why they’re paid hundreds of thousands a year and you’re not. Communication is key in five-a-side games and it’s hard to communicate when you’re not the best of friends with your team mates.

Just started a team? It can be hard bringing together relative strangers, but it’s much easier if you share a few experiences first. Go and watch a match, or have a few pints at the pub – team building activities can work wonders for relationship development!

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