How To Be A Gentleman At The Gym

Working out is an essential tenant of masculinity.

It might be the testosterone rush, or the feeling of being an unstoppable primal power, but it feels damn good to work out.

But while you’re being Mr Hyde, don’t cease to be Dr Jekyll, and keep in mind your etiquette when sharing a space with others.

Don’t Hog The Machines

Use the machines or weights for however long you need them – then once you don’t, relinquish control. Everyone’s trying to use the same tools as you, and if you can’t learn to share you should be working out at home. Don’t be a dick and try to claim a machine with a towel either.


Wipe Down The Equipment

Don't forget to bring a towel!
Don’t forget to bring a towel!

Your gym ought to have this rule printed out and put all around the place.

No one likes to sit down into a puddle of someone else’s sweat (or their own, for that matter), but you’re not exercising if you don’t sweat. So how do you get around this? Bring a bloody towel! If you see someone leave a machine sweaty and they don’t have a towel, offer them yours to use.

Quit Nattering

A bit of talking is fine – give your kudos here and there, or say hi to a gym buddy. But chatting for twenty minutes really isn’t the point of the gym, and you’re probably just holding everybody up as well as you and your banter buddy.

You need to stay focused at the gym, and having lengthy conversations can really disrupt that concentration.

The Gym Is Not A Bar

Women don’t want to be hit on in a gym – would you? Your messy and sweaty, red and tired; you’ve been focused on working out hard, not on how you look.

If you end up making friends with a lady at the gym you may want to ask her out later, but not while she’s exercising. And don’t try to approach any women with cheesy pickup lines; you probably won’t get the answer you’re looking for.

If the sight of a sweaty, red-faced woman gets your motor running, go work it off somewhere else.

Call Them Back Later

5-gym-phone-callMost people use their phones in the gym nowadays, either as a device to listen to music or to text and play games.  That’s fine. Talking incessantly on your phone is not.

Quite frankly, it’s obnoxious. You might not be breaking any rules, and you probably won’t hear anything about it, but take my word for it – you will be bothering the people around you, even if they have headphones in.

And, to be perfectly honest, having a lengthy phone call during your work out is not the best way to build muscle.

Do you think these are fair points? Are you usually a gentleman at the gym? Let us know!






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