Top 5 Hobbies for Men

Have you been searching for an activity lately?

After all, idleness destroys masculinity. Keep your testosterone topped up by indulging in one of these super-manly activities.

Playing the Guitar

Learning any instrument is pretty damn manly – but the ease with which you can pick up guitar, and how cheap it is, mean that it’s pretty simple to get started. What’s more, it really goes down well with the ladies! Maybe you won’t reach Slash levels of awesome, but at least you can serenade a lady with Smoke On The Water.


Ron Swanson does woodworking. Do you still need proof that it’s a manly endeavour?

Making things with your hands is a staple of being a man. Making practical things like furniture and boats doesn’t just show that you’ve worked hard but that you can make something to be used again and again. It’s even good for reducing stress! Show that you’re a provider by making the girl you like a dining table – she’ll be all over that.


The pinnacle of masculinity is barbecuing – it combines meat with fire. It’s easy to get started (just try a simple steak at first) and then go on to try other more complex dishes. Learn how to make your own spice rubs and sauces, and you can impress your family, friends, colleagues or just the neighbours with your powerful mastery of the barbecue.


We’ve lost touch with the natural world. Surrounded by comfort and convenience at all times, many of us wish for a time when we could exercise our manliness in the great outdoors.

Taking a break from the modern world to go camping is intensely relaxing; you get to breathe fresh air, set up tents and building campfires. Use the time to learn new skills, such as how to chop down a tree for kindling, or the best way to make a lean-to out of found materials. Whether you go with a mate, your missus or by yourself, you’ll have a chance to be a primal man again.

Working Out

Nothing says man more than the smell of sweat after a good work out. Focus on the end goal of getting into shape, and steadily increase your sessions until you reach the ideal moment. Ladies love a man with muscles, and you can prove your true manliness by lifting heavy objects, opening doors and carrying dainty women around.

And remember gents; you must be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon. With all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon.




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